The only thing “Budget” about us is the price!  

Rent this beautiful oak-colored dance floor and bring a distinct dazzle to your event!

While an event center may already have a floor (i.e. – church cultural hall and other event sites), dance flooring adds an elegant look, as well as creates a distinct area that guests know is designated for dancing.

Please call (801)-787-7277 for availability and reservation.

Portable Dance Floor

Dance Floor Usage:

The Floor is to be used for dancing only and may not be used for placement of tables or chairs. No tables or chairs on the dance floor!!! If you place tables/chairs on the dance floor, it can do substantial damage. You are responsible for damage to the dance floor.

Regrettably, we are unable to allow any type of wheel chair on the flooring as this will permanently mark/scar the flooring, resulting in the dance floor no longer being usable. We replaced the dance floor once for damage from this and the damage charge to the client was substantial. We expect normal wear and tear, so other than these circumstances we haven’t had damage done to it in the 18 years we’ve been in business. So relax and have a good time using it!

According to the floor manufacturer, a 15′ x 15′ floor will hold about 56 persons at one time, which has been found to work very well for wedding receptions and outdoor dances!

Dance floor can be used indoors or outdoors. Additional setup fees apply.

Self Pickup, Setup, Takedown & Return

Curbside Delivery, Self Setup & Takedown, & Curbside Return

Full Service Delivery, Setup, Takedown & Return

Have a lot of people willing to help setup and take down your event? This option is great to help you save even more for your special day! Pickup from our site in Orem, self setup at your event location, takedown after your event, and return your dance floor the next day. Simple!

Have a lot of people willing to help setup and take down your event and want to save some time? This option is a great in-between for both price and convenience! We curbside deliver to your event location, you setup and take down your dance floor, and we pickup from your event location the same day (or day after). It’s perfect!

Want to save the time and hassle of setup and takedown of your dance floor? Leave everything to the experts on your special day! We deliver, setup, takedown, and pickup your dance floor after your event (the same day or day after), letting you focus on yourself, your loved ones, and your special day. The best value for your best day! 

12' x 12' - $149.00

12' x 12' - $249.00

12' x 12' - $449.00

15' x 15' - $309.00

15' x 15' - $409.00

15' x 15' - $609.00

17' x 17' - $409.00

17' x 17' - $509.00

17' x 17' - $709.00

***For custom sizes between 12×12 and 17×17, please contact us for pricing. Delivery outside Utah County is subject to additional delivery fees. Floors are currently available for flat hard surfaces only (no grass).***